Google has removed a Texas unemployment program from its search results following the publication of an online application for the program.

    The news came as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed an official complaint in federal court over a report in the Austin American-Statesman detailing a wide range of errors in the application process.

    According to the complaint, the program used in the state has been the subject of complaints and complaints from both applicants and employers about the process, including the fact that there were no online training materials.

    The Texas Department of Labor (DOL) told the Statesman that Google’s search results do not display information about the application, which was developed by the Texas Department for Workforce Development.

    The state agency said that search results will only include information about a program when an application is available.

    The complaint also said that there is no evidence to support Google’s claim that the Texas unemployment benefits program has “more than 5,000 qualified applicants.”

    The agency added that the program’s online training material “provides only a general description of eligibility requirements.”

    The state agency noted that there are many reasons to apply for the state’s unemployment benefits, including job search, work experience, and medical conditions.

    The department also said it has no evidence that the online application is inaccurate.

    Google has denied the claims, telling the Statesmen that it is “confident that the information in the program is accurate.”

    The Texas unemployment benefit program was launched in April of this year.

    A portion of the $1.6 billion program, which is funded by a payroll tax on employers and workers, goes to individuals.

    The state’s current unemployment insurance benefit is capped at 100 percent of the federal poverty level.


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