In the past, applicants who needed to submit multiple applications were able to do so through a centralized application hub in the state.

    But now, those applications are being handled by multiple separate entities.

    The Texas College Board (TCB) has confirmed to Recode that applications submitted on its website can take up to eight weeks to process.

    That means applicants who have previously applied to Texas schools can find themselves waiting in line for months at a time.

    The board confirmed that the process has become more complex as a result of a state law that requires the application hub to provide a single application to applicants.

    “The TCB has taken a proactive step to enhance the application process to increase the fairness of the process for Texas applicants, including reducing the number of separate application hubs for multiple schools, and to enhance consistency across TCB offices,” said Jessica Davis, a spokesperson for the TCB.

    “The TCAB is working to expedite the process of providing an accurate and timely application.”

    The Texas legislature passed the Texas College Application Act in 2018, which required the state to establish centralized applications for colleges.

    Under the new law, applicants must submit a separate application for each school.

    Applications that don’t meet the criteria are reviewed by the TCAW, a branch of the TCC, which is tasked with ensuring that applications are up-to-date and complete.

    Davis said the TCTB would update its site to reflect this new requirement.TCB says it has been reviewing the law since 2018, and said it will continue to improve the application processing process for applicants.

    The Texas Board of Education (TBE) also confirmed that it has made significant changes to the application portal.

    The TBE will also make changes to how applications are submitted, Davis said.

    “We’re looking to make sure the TBE is providing the best possible service to students and the public,” she said.

    Texas already requires that applications be approved by the college board, but the TCE is required to create the application hubs themselves.

    Davis didn’t provide a timeline for when the change will take effect.

    Texas colleges are required to submit the final versions of applications to the TBA, the TTA, and the TBU, who then process them.

    The TBE said it was unable to provide any information about how many applications have been processed in the last few months, but did confirm that applications have taken longer than anticipated.