The NY Office of Labor Standards Enforcement has released a guide to applying for unemployment benefits in the state.

    In New York, unemployment benefits are only given to eligible workers who are actively looking for work, according to the state’s Labor Commissioner.

    Those workers who aren’t actively looking are considered to be unemployed.

    It is unclear how many people in the United States receive unemployment benefits, but a 2016 report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York estimated that more than two million people received unemployment benefits between January and March.

    In addition to job training, the guide lists a list of resources for job seekers.

    These include the following: 1.

    Employer resource lists for workers: 2.

    Employment service organizations: www, 3.

    National Job Corps: www 4.

    Job sites: www 5.

    Employment agencies: www 6.

    Job boards: www 7.

    Job portals: www 8.

    Job application The guide also provides information on the process of applying for job-related services, such as applying for public assistance, applying for federal tax credits, applying to work-study programs and obtaining a Social Security number. 

    For more tips and advice on applying for jobs, see: New York State Unemployment Job Search Guide The New York City Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) has also released a new job-search tool called the New York State Job Search Tool, which lets employers, as well as applicants, track their job search progress and receive notifications when their applications are approved. 

    BOLA says the tool will help businesses stay on track to hire, train and retain employees as the economy improves.


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