A woman in Virginia is now in a jobless state after her application for a job that she says was never even offered was rejected.

    Virginia Unemployment Claims Office spokeswoman Julie Schulman told CNN affiliate WTOP that a new application was submitted Friday, May 26, that was rejected by the state.

    The application was from Sarah Geddes, who says she applied for a position with a company that has an office in Norfolk, Virginia.

    According to Schulmans, Geddis’s application did not have the right information.

    “She was not aware that she could not be hired and that there was a gap in the position,” she said.

    “She was also not aware of any job openings at that location.”

    The state claims she was laid off in March and she was given a $300 pay cut.

    But that was denied.

    The state is now investigating the situation.