It’s an easy way to apply for a grant to help pay for things like the Pell Fund for Public Art.

    Here’s how.

    The federal government awarded the grant to the Peell Foundation on March 2, 2017.

    (Supplied: The Pell Foundation)The foundation’s goal is to create a Pell Art Fund that will be administered by the federal government.

    The grant is being distributed to 25 artists who are members of the PeLL Foundation.

    The PeLL Board of Directors includes the executive director of the Canadian Arts Council, a senior vice-president of the National Arts Council and the chair of the Toronto and York Regions Chamber of Commerce.

    The other members are a former president of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, a former executive director and former president and CEO of the Ontario Municipal Board and a former member of the City of Toronto Board of Education.

    The federal government gave the grant for a $10,000 cap, which is less than the $30,000 a year the foundation has been requesting for the last five years.

    That means the Peill Foundation will have a cushion of about $8,500, or about $1,000 more than what it could have had under the current cap.

    The PELL Foundation has a list of five artists it is looking for for the Peamproject, including two local artists, two Canadian artists and one American artist.

    These five artists are selected by the Perell Foundation, which uses the criteria of a “Pell Art Commission.”

    The list of artists will be updated weekly, the foundation said.

    The list was published on March 8 and the next update is April 20.

    The first five artists were selected in August, according to the foundation.

    The other artists, who will receive the same cap as the other artists and will be required to submit a letter of intent, will be chosen based on their performance.

    If they don’t perform well, they will be denied the cap.

    Once a project has been approved, the Peel Foundation will send out a questionnaire to the selected artists.

    The questionnaire asks about their background, the project they are working on and whether they have a history of artistic and/or cultural participation in Canada.

    Once those questions are answered, the list of 25 artists is narrowed down to the 10 artists that will have to submit their letters of intent and the first 25 artists to complete the questionnaire.

    The Pell Commission will then determine the next step, the grant application.

    The application process can take as little as two weeks, according the foundation’s website.

    If all 25 applicants meet the criteria, the applicant must submit their completed application and financial information, including the total amount of the grant, by May 31.

    The application is due March 18.

    The last day to submit is April 21.

    The grant will be split among the selected 25 artists and the Peleton Arts Centre, which will manage the Pelel Arts Centre.

    The centre will also manage the funding.

    The first five winners of the fund will receive $10.00 for each project they have completed.

    If more than 25 artists are chosen, then the grant is split among all the artists who submit the application.

    Once the application is approved, Pelell will send the grant money to the artists’ respective projects.

    The foundation said the money will go towards the Pelee Arts Centre and the Canadian National Arts Centre to fund their ongoing activities.


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