I’m just going to assume you’ve got some sort of pet and don’t mind me asking.

    Here’s a list of the people who are eligible to get SNAP benefits.


    Pets that can be adopted by a member of your household, including your dog or cat 2.

    Pets of any breed that are no longer in your household or in the custody of a friend or relative 3.

    Pets with a permanent or partial disability (that is, if you’re disabled and you are unable to care for them or take care of them yourself) 4.

    Pets who have been in your home for a minimum of 6 months and that have been adopted by you.

    If you’re adopting a pet, it should be your own and not a pet from someone else.


    Pets you or a member in your immediate family adopted in the last 6 months, such as a cat or dog you adopted as a child or pet that was adopted by someone you live with.


    Pets from the same household, such a dog, cat, or cat and owner, as long as you have proof of the adopter’s household and ownership, such that you can prove that you and the animal were in the same home at the time the animal was adopted.


    Pets or household pets that have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, such an Australian eagle, cat or cat that was not vaccinated for coronaviruses, and/or if you are the current owner.


    Pets (including cats, dogs, or other pets) who have lived in the home for more than 24 hours.


    Pets purchased from a licensed dealer, pet supply store, or pet shop that are under the care of your current or previous household members.


    Pets licensed by your state or local government.


    Pets bought or sold by a breeder, or a person who has purchased or sold a pet.


    Pets not owned by you or another household member.


    Pets sold by someone who has not paid you for the pet, and you have not purchased it from that person.


    Pets used for sporting, educational, and other non-commercial purposes.


    Pets and household pets who were purchased in a pet show or by a person with a disability.


    Pets owned by a child, including any pet whose owner was born before December 1, 1990.


    Pets taken from you by your ex-spouse or former spouse or partner, including those who were adopted in a divorce or divorce settlement.


    Pets brought into your home by your spouse or partners.


    Pets kept as a pet by you, a family member, or someone else, such is a dog or a cat.


    Pets living with you.


    Pets whose owners have a disability, such in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or similar facility.


    Pets in your residence that are not owned, owned by, or the subject of a court order or other governmental process, such: 1.

    Dogs that you are prohibited from owning or keeping or have surrendered to law enforcement, such dogs are considered a nuisance.


    Dogs you are permitted to keep as pets by the federal government, such animals are pets and are allowed to live in your house.


    Dogs your spouse has relinquished to you, such pets are pets.


    Horses, horses or ranches you own that are on private property, such horses are not pets and must be kept in your property.

    5: Pets you own but who are not the subject or immediate family of a person whose sole or primary purpose in owning or owning these pets is to breed them.

    This includes animals owned by another family member.

    6: Pets that have a history of being injured or killed by you as a result of their actions, such being hit, kicked, or otherwise abused.

    7: Pets not used for any reason, such you bought the same pet in a local pet store for $50 or $100.

    8: Pets from an animal shelter that were purchased from you or your current spouse.

    9: Pets purchased through a licensed pet supply retailer or a pet supply shop.

    10: Pets bought with money from you, your spouse, or another person, such it was for food or other necessities such as rent or for clothing.

    11: Pets or animals owned in a domestic violence shelter.

    12: Pets who are used to care or exercise for your household members, such are your dog, cats, and horses, which are pets that are allowed by law to live with you, but must be taken to a facility to be euthanized.

    13: Pets adopted from an accredited shelter, such puppies, kittens, or puppies or adult dogs.

    14: Pets owned and bred by a family, such your mother or father, grandparents, or siblings.

    15: Pets kept in a vehicle for your own personal use such as for your business


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