In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a simple application with the Polygon engine.

    Polygon is a free open-source game engine for creating 3D games for mobile devices and is used in the popular mobile title “The Simpsons: Tapped Out.”

    You’ll create a new application in the Polygons editor and import it into the game, which will load and run.

    The engine’s features are well known, but Polygon has a wide range of other capabilities that can be used to create games that are more than just 2D.

    We’ll dive into some of those features below.

    The first step is to import the Polygamen application.

    Open the application in your favorite editor, such as Notepad or Notepad++.

    Drag the .swf file from the project folder to the File menu and select Import .swfl file from .xml file.

    In Notepad, go to File > Open, and choose the .xml files.

    Then, right-click the .csv file in the file menu and choose Open with .swfd file.

    Then click OK to import.

    The application will open in a browser window, and it should display a message that says, “File opened successfully.”

    This means that the application has successfully imported the project.

    Next, we’ll import the game’s assets.

    Open Polygon’s Assets section, and drag the .package file from your project folder into the Project window.

    The file will appear under Assets.

    You’ll notice that the .json file contains all of the assets that are used to populate your game.

    Right-click on the asset in the Asset menu and set its Name property to “Game Assets.”

    Next, select the asset and click OK.

    This opens a dialog box that tells you that the asset has been successfully imported.

    The asset’s Asset property tells Polygon where the asset is, and the Asset property indicates the name of the asset.

    If you’d like to export an asset, you can use the Export button to specify where you’d prefer the asset to be exported.

    In the Export dialog box, choose File > Export Asset from .json File, and click Save.

    The exported asset will appear in the Assets window.

    We need to create some of the game data in order to start playing.

    Open up Polygon in the game editor, and select the “Game” tab.

    On the left-hand side, you should see a section called “Inputs” and a section labeled “Input Outputs.”

    On the right-hand-side, you will see a button labeled “Create Game Inputs.”

    Select this button and you’ll see a list of the available input types.

    The “Controls” section is empty, so Polygon creates a new Input type for us.

    Right click on the Input type in the “Control” section and select “Open with.”

    Select the “Input” tab and click “Save.”

    The next time you open the Polygame editor, you won’t see a new file under the “Documents” folder.

    You should see the game import dialog box appear.

    Now that we have the game created, we need to import some of its data.

    To do this, we can drag and drop the “Games” folder into our “Documents/Polygon/” folder and open up Polygamens Assets window, which is in the lower-right corner of the window.

    Drag and drop “Games/TheSimpsons” folder to Polygamene’s Assets window and select it.

    Polygamengard’s Assets Window will now open.

    Drag “games/The Simpsons” into the “The Sims” Assets window in the top-left corner of Polygamencys Assets window for reference.

    You can click on any object in the window to move it.

    In our case, we will be moving the “Simpsons Bookmark” object.

    Click the “Save” button to save your changes.

    Once the changes are complete, we should see our game’s file named “TheSimpsBookmark.swf” in the assets window.

    You now have a game with the Simpsons Bookmark.

    Swiping left and right in the editor will open a window that lets you add the bookmark to the game.

    You will also be able to add the game to the “Playlists” tab, which allows you to add game items to your playlist.

    Next up, we are going to make a few changes to the animation.

    Open a new game in the browser and open the assets.swfd, which you can find under the Game tab.

    Open “animation.swfl” and paste the code below.

    Add this code to the bottom of the script.

    function Animations(animationName,animation) { if(Animation.

    AnimationType.FETCH) { //Create the animation var anims = new Animation(); anims.



    Duration); anims[0].

    X = Animations.X; anim


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