The Trump administration has signed a deal with Iran to limit its nuclear program, but some Democrats say it’s not good enough.

    The deal will give the Obama administration leverage in negotiating a future deal with Tehran, but it is also a major setback for the Obama Administration, which has tried to win Tehran to the negotiating table in hopes of securing a deal that could end the country’s nuclear program.

    In a speech Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged Iran to agree to the terms of the deal.

    The president, however, has repeatedly said he won’t sign the agreement.

    Kerry said the Obama-era deal is “not the right deal,” saying that Iran is “entirely free” to pursue its nuclear weapons program.

    The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved the Iran deal last year, but the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress are still pressing for it to be revoked.

    Republicans are demanding that the Trump-backed deal be scrapped, and Kerry called on Trump to veto any legislation that includes provisions to undo the Iran agreement.

    Democrats say the Iran nuclear agreement is one of the most important arms control agreements in U.L.G.A. history.

    The agreement provides Iran with the flexibility to develop a nuclear weapons capability without fear of military retaliation from the United States, said Democratic National Committee Chairman Keith Ellison.


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