AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Utah is the latest state to introduce a new way to fill out its unemployment application.

    On April 11, the State of Utah announced a new application form called “Employer’s Employer ID Application.”

    Employers can now submit an employment application using the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and the Utah Employer Information System (EUIS) that is part of the state’s unemployment benefits.

    The EIN is a digitized identification number that is used to identify the applicant.

    Employers may also use the EIN for other reasons.

    Employers must submit the Employers Employer Application (EIA) to the Utah Department of Employment Services and submit the application via mail, fax or email.

    The application can be submitted online through Utah Department Of Employment Services.

    The new application system is designed to simplify and streamline the process.

    It also eliminates the need for additional forms.

    “With this new system, employers will be able to easily and quickly apply for employment in Utah, even if they are in other states or even the U.S.,” said Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

    “I’m pleased to announce that Utah is now one of the first states to introduce this new form of employment information.”

    The Utah Department OF Employment Services is also accepting applications from businesses, government agencies and individuals, including veterans, for positions at the state capitol in Salt Lake City.

    Employer ID and EUIS are also part of a national data center that provides employment information to employers.

    In order to get a job in Utah you must complete an Employer Identifying Information (EII) and a Social Security Number (SSN).

    You can also receive a Utah Employers EIN via the Utah Office of the Employment Development Specialist (TEDS), a new program that will begin providing job seekers with employment information by the end of 2019.TEDS is a partnership of the Utah Division of Employment and Training and the Department of Veterans Affairs.TEDs is the third state to implement the new system.

    The State of Colorado adopted the system in 2018.

    Other states have introduced similar forms, including Washington, Idaho and Vermont.

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