In Canada, there’s a big difference between online gaming stores like Gamestop and brick-and-mortar retail stores like GameStop.

    “Games are now a big part of our culture, it’s a way to make friends and to meet other gamers,” said Mark Sussman, president of Sussmann’s Group, which owns the Canadian retailer GameStop and the online gaming outlet GameStops.

    “They have a different relationship than the retail store, they have a certain connection with the consumer.”

    It’s important to note, though, that not all online gaming outlets are created equal.

    Some, like, are big enough to offer games to the public, while others, like and Best Buy, are niche stores.

    “You can’t just say ‘I’m going to have my kids play this,'” said Mike Lees, the founder and CEO of online retailer GameStarts.

    “There are a lot of retailers that are going to focus on one market.”

    In fact, some retailers are more focused on online gaming than their retail counterparts.

    For example, GameStop sells only a limited number of video games per week, while sells video games on a weekly basis.

    “I think Gamestops are doing better,” said Lees.

    “And they are doing it with a lot less inventory.”

    The retailer says it has more than 2 million video game orders daily, with the majority coming from mobile devices.

    While some video game stores are smaller than others, some are more popular than others.

    For instance, GameStores online video game section at has more video games than GameStop’s online video games section at GameStop in Canada.

    It’s not all roses, though.

    “It’s hard to predict how the market is going to react to the launch of a game like Minecraft,” said Sussmans.

    “But I think we are going in the right direction.”

    While retailers have been able to keep up with the explosion of mobile gaming, it has also made it harder for retailers to compete.

    For one, a lot more players have access to a game, said Suckerman.

    “With more and more games, it is going through the roof,” said his partner.

    “We’re in a transition phase.

    Games are now becoming more and less of a niche product.”

    Lees added that there is still room for improvement, as retailers have to make the right choice with their online stores.

    For GameStands first week, he said the online video section was a good spot to start, as there was plenty of room for growth.

    “At first, it was pretty limited.

    We had a small amount of games,” said the founder.

    “That’s why we started with a limited amount of things.”

    The same goes for other retailers.

    For GameStop, it seems the biggest growth has been on mobile devices, which is one reason why the retailer is working so hard to support its online store. “

    Then, you start getting more sales, and you’re getting more people playing your games, and more and better sales.”

    For GameStop, it seems the biggest growth has been on mobile devices, which is one reason why the retailer is working so hard to support its online store.

    “Our online business is growing very, very rapidly,” said David Hildebrand, CEO of GameStop Canada.

    “People are playing our games, they’re buying from us, they are buying from our online store.”

    GameStop recently launched a game called Rocket League, which was made by a team of Canadian developers, including former GameStop employees.

    The game, which has over 100 million players, is a co-op shooter game that allows players to build their own rocket car and battle it out on the virtual soccer field.

    The retailer also has a partnership with EA Canada, which allows gamers to download their favorite video games and use them to create virtual teams for online multiplayer matches.

    “As a retailer, it would have been nice if we could get to a point where we could have a more competitive online business,” said Hildebrands co-founder, Jason Tisch, in an interview with the Globe and Mail.

    “Unfortunately, there are no such stores.

    There is a massive gap between what people are looking for and what is available.”

    With a big influx of gamers into online stores, online retailers are going through a tough time.

    Sussmans group sees the rise of mobile devices as the biggest change, as it will be harder for them to survive.

    “Mobile devices are going into retail,” said CMO Lees at GameStays online video store.

    But he believes online retailers can take advantage of the opportunity, and will be able to compete on the online marketplace.

    “Online retail has an advantage,” said Tisch.

    “When you go to a store, you go in to the store, buy a game and then go out and buy another game.

    It is a really different experience when you are going out and


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