In its 2016 annual report, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed that more than half of the job applications for new jobs were filled by people looking for jobs online.

    The ABS revealed that of the jobs being filled by online applicants in 2016, 44% were online job applications.

    Of those who had made a job application, 37% were filled online.

    This figure is much higher than for the same period last year, when 26% of online job seekers were employed by online companies.

    This suggests that job seekers looking for employment online are still far more likely to complete a job interview than those who were interviewed by traditional methods.

    However, the ABS has also published an update to the survey that found the majority of job applications were filled out online.

    More than half (56%) of the online job applicants were from the US, with Canada at the other end of the spectrum.

    The survey also found that more people (58%) said they had used an email or other method to contact the company that made the job application.

    This was more common for people who had previously applied for a job (59%) than those that had already applied (52%).

    There were also some regional differences in how people were contacting the job site.

    For instance, people from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria were most likely to have used an online email or social media platform to contact their company.

    The report also found there was a slight decline in the number of people who used email to contact job sites, but that this was offset by a slight increase in the use of a social media account to contact jobs.

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