The following are some of the applications that can be used for food stamp benefits:Health and SafetyAdvantage CardAdvantage CashCardFEMA CardCash CardFood stamp benefit application, application fee (includes application fee and mailing cost)$10.00-$40.00Fema benefit application $10.50-$50.00The following are the applications for other types of benefits:Dependency paymentsCash CardBenefits applied for in your county (includes monthly benefit amount)$15.00 $60.00Emergency benefits (other than emergency food)Food stamp benefits applied for the county where you live $30.00$80.00Other benefits (not specified in the above information)The following application fees are available for food and food stamp applications:Cash Card: $5.00 fee ($5.50 application fee + $3.00 mailing fee)Fema Card: No fee ($20 application fee plus $10 mailing fee + 10% application fee)Emergency benefits: $20.00 application fee ($40 application fee with 2% fee for food, and $50 application fees with 5% fee + 1% application fees)The application fee does not apply to the Food Stamp Administration (FEMA) or to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), as these programs are separate.

    Food stamp applicants are required to pay $1,000 in filing fees for the application process.

    The fee is waived if they pay the application fee upfront in cash.


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