Posted April 20, 2018 12:58:57I decided to become an RN because I knew there was something for me.

    I had never worked in healthcare, but I loved helping others.

    When I moved to Sydney for medical school I found I enjoyed my work more than my career.

    I wanted to give back to the community and I wanted my work to help people in need.

    I felt I had a role to play and wanted to be an RN.

    I love working with people in hospitals, and I am a dedicated nurse who enjoys working with patients.

    I also love being able to work on weekends, so I can get away from my family and my work.

    I like working with the younger nurses in my unit, and my younger colleagues have been very supportive of my desire to become the first RN in their unit to complete a degree.

    I would like to continue to work in healthcare as long as it is safe.

    Read more I am passionate about teaching people how to get well, because I think nurses are the best way to prevent people from dying.

    I have been involved in a number of initiatives to reduce the number of hospitalisations for people with cancer and stroke.

    These initiatives include educating patients on what treatments are safe and effective, and helping them to make the right decisions about their treatment plan.

    I know that I am qualified for the role and I want to do my part in saving lives and improving health.


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