By Ben HigginsonThe Netherlands has been ranked the most innovative nation in the world in terms of applying for jobs, and one of the reasons is its innovative way of doing business.

    But the Netherlands also has the most expensive healthcare and public education system in the developed world, and this has resulted in a population that’s more dependent on public assistance than any other country in the region.

    Here are the top 10 jobs in the country.


    Gardener Gardener: It’s a tough job.

    But with some luck, you might find a job that allows you to earn a lot of money, such as in a nursery, a garden or a building site.

    There are also several other options.

    A gardener, like any other job, requires experience, but some experts suggest you should seek out a job where you can learn skills you’re good at, such in farming, carpentry, and building.


    Food server The average person in the Netherlands makes just under €300 a month.

    But, like many jobs in this sector, you’ll have to take a little extra for yourself.

    A food server earns between €400 and €600 a month, depending on the job.

    If you want to earn more, you should consider a career in a bakery, but it can also be a good idea to consider a job in a food warehouse.


    Salesperson A salesperson, like the gardener or food server, is usually part-time, meaning you have to earn money by yourself, and you’ll need to look for a good salary, which is around €300 to €400 a month depending on where you’re based.

    If that doesn’t work out, consider a similar role in the construction industry, where you’ll probably be paid around €450 to €600 per month.


    Cleaner If you’re a gardener and you’re looking for a new one, you can probably get a job with a clean-up service.

    However, if you’re interested in an industrial job, you may have to look elsewhere.

    In fact, the average salary in the industry is about €200 per month, but the majority of jobs in it don’t pay that much.


    Cleaners, dishwashers and other food-processing jobs are usually the least-expensive.

    There is no minimum wage for cleaning and other jobs in general, but you’ll usually be paid between €150 and €200 a month for the job, depending if it’s part- or full-time.


    Cleaning and kitchen service workers are among the most affordable jobs in society, earning between €200 and €300 per month depending if you work part- time or full time.


    Car mechanic A car mechanic is usually a part-timer, meaning that you’ll normally be working for less than the minimum wage.

    However you can get more money working part- and full- time.

    The average car mechanic earns around €200 to €300, depending how many hours you work.


    Electrician You may have no choice but to work as an electrician, as your job requires you to make a lot more money than your average job.

    An average electrician makes around €120 a month after tax.


    Computer technician A computer technician is usually an apprentice, and will often make less than their full-timer counterparts.

    A computer specialist will usually make around €100 a month before tax.


    Laundry and housekeeping workers are usually part time, and they will make less after tax, so it’s possible to earn around €500 a month if you do them full- or part-term.

    The highest salaries in the sector are usually in the €800 to €900 range.

    However if you want a more flexible career, you could consider a position in a supermarket, where it’s more affordable.


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