The American Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s college application has been pulled from Google’s search results because of the candidate’s “fraudulent” and “incompetent” record of applying for a college degree.

    Trump’s application was pulled after an investigation into the application found that the candidate falsely claimed he was enrolled in a “highly-rated” college, and that he was in the top five percent of applicants for the top colleges in the state of Georgia.

    Trump was previously forced to apologize for false claims about his college application in an interview with Fox News.

    “I am proud to have earned my degree in Business Administration from a prestigious and highly-rated college,” Trump said at the time.

    “However, because of my fraudulent and incompetently applied application, I have been rejected for admission to any American college or university.”

    Trump was also criticized for a misleading reference to his “school of business” as the College of Business Administration (CBA), instead of the College for Business Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

    The CBA is the “most prestigious” college in the country and was founded by George Washington University, which Trump has called a “tremendous school” that was the “best college in America.”