McDonalds is rolling out an app that allows managers to make their workers get up, walk out, and order food without the need to get up or walk out.

    The app, dubbed the McDonalds Manager, lets you set the amount of time managers need to sit down, walk around, and wait in line.

    The McDonalds manager app has been downloaded over 10 million times in less than two weeks, according to the app’s website.

    “McDonalds believes that every employee has the ability to be engaged and productive on a daily basis.

    We’ve partnered with McDonalds to offer McDonalds managers a platform to engage and create a team culture that inspires, motivates, and inspires the team, and that builds teamwork and success in the workplace,” McDonalds President and CEO Kevin Johnson said in a statement.

    The app was originally designed for a smaller team, but the company has since added a larger group of managers and is working on making it accessible to everyone.

    The manager app also allows managers and workers to share their personal stories about their work experiences.

    The manager app lets managers and employees share their stories about work experiences with each other, but is also designed to help managers keep track of how they are performing at their jobs.

    The management app allows managers access to a number of tools and features that include:A weekly review of how each of their managers are doing.

    A dashboard that allows for detailed feedback on each manager.

    A daily reminder that each manager is currently in line, ready to receive the next meal, and a notification that if the manager is in line and not ready to eat, the manager will be notified by email.

    The email will remind the manager to return to the line when they are ready.

    A quick way to get updates on a manager’s progress.

    An individualized meal plan that allows each manager to customize a meal to their own liking and budget.

    The company also has a paid management platform that is designed for managers and their staff, which can be used for personal and business purposes.

    McDonalds plans to expand its paid management service in the coming months, and will also add paid scheduling and scheduling-related tools to its management platform.

    McDonald’s has been struggling with poor sales in the U.S. and Europe, and its global earnings are down for two straight quarters.

    The company has been focusing on growing the global footprint and increasing its restaurant network to compete against fast food chains.


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