A U.S. private equity firm has gotten approval to acquire a controlling stake in the nation’s largest retailer, and it is facing a few challenges.

    American Eagle has received an investment from a group of companies that include a major retailer, the National Retail Federation and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, all of which have expressed interest in buying the company.

    The acquisition comes amid continued scrutiny of the company, as questions swirl around whether American Eagle has overstated the impact of the spill on local economies.

    The company has been criticized for failing to warn customers about the risks of wearing suits at the time of the release of the oil slick.

    The merger will give American Eagle a much bigger footprint in retail than before, but it will also give the new owners control of the vast majority of its retail operations.

    It’s unclear how much American Eagle will be able to charge for its products, although the company is planning to expand its grocery store offerings.

    The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2017, according to a filing by American Eagle.

    American Eagle is expected give the combined company control of about 45% of the national chain.


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