Posted April 05, 2019 07:09:30The search giant’s search engine has announced it is hiring an experienced recruiter for its job applications.

    The search firm said it was hiring for the position of recruiter in the areas of: job search, employment application, unemployment application and resume development.

    Google has been ramping up its hiring for job seekers in the last few months, launching the ‘Apply Now’ and ‘ApplyNow’ buttons on its main search page and announcing that it is expanding the ‘New Job’ section to include applications for new roles.

    In March, Google said it had been hiring more than 6,000 people a day and had increased its hiring from the previous month to more than 12,000 jobs a day.

    The recruiter will work closely with Google’s global search team to ensure the company is providing the right content for each job applicant.

    “Job seekers want to know the right information to help them find the right jobs,” a Google spokesperson said.

    “We want to build on our existing relationships with recruiters across the globe to help build and nurture a robust and focused recruitment network for employers.”

    For example, we have created a ‘New Work’ section that allows job seekers to find a job and apply for that job.

    We also have expanded the ‘Job Search’ section, allowing job seekers who apply for jobs on Google to get the right answers on each new job they apply for.

    “For more information on the new recruitment opportunities, visit