Recode is reporting that Google’s app for finding romantic partners has undergone some serious changes.

    According to the app’s developer, the company is now offering a much more user-friendly and intuitive interface. 

    Google Now, for example, is now more responsive, easier to access and easier to use.

    It’s also possible to swipe to open more categories.

    Google Now has also improved the way it shows you a map of your city.

    And now you can also swipe to access information about your date, and other relevant information about them.

    Google says that the changes will be rolling out to users starting in January.

    The company has also begun rolling out new features to the Google Calendar app, so that it will be more helpful for those looking to start dating in the near future.

    Google is rolling out a new way for dating apps to share their users’ data, such as how long they’ve been dating and their location.

    And the company says it will soon be launching a dating app for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that will be much more robust. 

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