I know Apple Music is now available for Android users and I’m all about the app, but it still feels like I’m on a treadmill with Apple Music.

    The app has so many buttons to swipe up and down to get you where you want to be, but its so far away from the music you’re already listening to that I can’t seem to find a good way to do anything with it.

    So I’m not sure why I recommend it.

    I know the app has a bunch of cool features, and while its a great app for the first time for iOS, it has a lot of problems.

    Here’s what I found to be the most common reasons I don’ think Apple Music should be your first app to install.


    The App Isn’t Worth the Price 2.

    The UI Is Not Beautiful 3.

    There Are No New Features 4.

    There Is No Search 5.

    There Isn’t a Playlist 6.

    There Aren’t Many Options 7.

    The Interface Is Just Too Convenient 8.

    There’s No Feedback 9.

    There are no User Stories 10.

    There is No Feedback 11.

    You Cannot Play Your Own Music.


    Apple Music Doesn’t Have a Music Library 13.

    Apple is Only Paying for the Apple Account, Not the Music You’re Already Using 14.

    There Was a Long Wait for Apple Music to Be Removed From the App Store 15.

    The Music You Are Trying to Listen To Doesn’t Match Your Music Library 16.

    You Can’t Change Tracks 17.

    Apple has Not Released a Notification Center 18.

    You Are Not Able to Cancel or Stop the App 19.

    You Must Have a Apple Music Membership to Use the App 20.

    The Sound Effects Are Nonexistent 21.

    The Album Art Is Not the Same 22.

    There Doesn’t Look Like You’re Getting Any New Music 23.

    The Background Music Is Not Original 24.

    You Will Not Be Able to Download Additional Tracks 25.

    There IS A Music Library, But Its A Few Years Old Source Polygon


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