Kroger application to install Apple Watch apps to its app store, as well as a “Mac App Store” app for Mac users, is launching today, according to a blog post from Kroger.

    The application is available in the Mac App Store and will also be available on Apple’s App Store, the company said.

    “Kroger is committed to being the best place to buy groceries in the world, so we are excited to bring our customers the best experience with the Apple Watches app,” Kroger wrote.

    “We are excited that we can finally help them buy and shop on the go, with Kroger App Store.

    We look forward to working with our customers to continue bringing the best products and services to them.”

    The Apple Watch will have its own app store in the coming months.

    Apple is also bringing a new version of its popular app store to Macs starting in the first half of 2018.

    The updated app store will allow users to browse and buy apps from the company’s online store, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.