NYC Metro is seeking public comments on a proposed $3.8 billion subway extension that would extend the Red Line to the Brooklyn Bridge and Queensboro Bridge.

    The MTA’s subway proposal is a major overhaul of the transit system that would add 1.3 million riders per day and extend the lines beyond the East River to Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

    The extension is expected to cost $1.9 billion.

    The MTA’s plan would include the Red line extension to Manhattan and Brooklyn, a Queensboro extension to Brooklyn and a New Jersey extension to Staten Island.

    MTA officials said the proposed extension would be the largest project of its kind in New York City history.

    The proposed extension is to be financed by the city and a $1 billion bond.

    The New York Stock Exchange will be the market for the bond.

    The NYCHA, the New York State Department of Education and the New Jersey Transit Authority have been in talks with the MTA for about two years about a potential subway extension.

    The NYCHA said it will not oppose the extension because it would add riders to the existing Red Line.

    “Our position has always been that we have no desire to lose the ridership that the Red and Blue lines bring to the region,” said MTA CEO Thomas Prendergast in a statement.

    “As a public transportation agency, our mission is to ensure that we provide safe, reliable, reliable service, and we are committed to finding ways to make that happen.”

    Prendergaster said the MTA is open to the public’s input on the Red or Blue Line extension.

    He said the agency has “a long history of listening to the voices of our riders and will continue to listen as we pursue this important work.”

    The MTA proposal calls for the Red, Blue and Orange Lines to run from Union Station to Midtown Manhattan, from the Queensboro Tunnel to Manhattan Beach and from the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel to the Rockaways.

    The Red Line extension would extend to New York’s West Side and the Blue Line would extend from Brooklyn to the Bronx.

    The Red Line would carry roughly 4.7 million passengers per day, while the Blue and the Orange lines would carry 4.2 million and 3.6 million passengers respectively.

    The Blue Line will carry 1.4 million passengers and the Red will carry 0.9 million passengers.

    The Blue Line and Orange Line will not have any capacity constraints in Manhattan, with trains scheduled to run on the Green Line at all times.