The Texas Department of Public Safety says it is issuing a food stamp application to help alleviate the severe shortages that have resulted from a string of recent weather events, including Tropical Storm Harvey.DPS announced Monday that the Texas Department for Children and Families (DFCF) will be processing food stamp applications for families in Texas to help them access free food, water and other resources.

    The food stamp lottery is a temporary program that offers up to $1,500 in food, free diapers and other necessities for households that need help in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    The lottery is open to the public beginning April 18.

    For those who have been affected by the recent weather, the Department says it’s encouraging the public to apply for free food and water and supplies.

    They’ll be offered $1.25 off their first payment.

    DFCF will offer a $10 gift card for the first payment and $5 off their next payment.

    The Department says families in need will be eligible to receive up to four free meals per week and two free diapers per week for two years.

    Food stamp applications can be submitted online by going to or by calling 800-972-4243.

    The deadline for the lottery is April 15.


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