The Oregon Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is accepting applications for gun license applications this year for people who live in the state or who are eligible for a gun permit.

    But the agency also is accepting applicants who live outside the state.

    The bureau is seeking a minimum of five applicants for each class of license, which would cover both recreational and concealed carry.

    Applicants who live within Oregon or who have received a concealed carry permit are also welcome.

    The bureau says the applicant must meet all of the following: live in Oregon or be eligible to receive a permit; have completed high school; have not had a felony conviction; not have any pending felony charges; and be a resident of the state for more than two years.

    Applicants must be able to prove they can comply with the state’s background check requirements.

    For those who live or work in the U.S., the bureau says they must be legal residents of the U and not have a felony record.

    Applicant must be willing to meet other requirements, such as being a member of a religious order or a person with a disability.

    Applicant must have no prior felony convictions, no convictions for any offense and no record of mental illness or substance abuse.

    If applicants pass all of these tests, they’ll have their application processed by the bureau by April 1, 2020.

    Applicators who qualify for a license are expected to be issued licenses by mid-June 2020.


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