Texas Department of Job and Family Services has released an application for a new marshall application.

    The job seeker, who must have a college degree, must also be unemployed and have a current paycheck.

    The application is for a marshall position.

    The agency also is considering a new application for an office administrator position.

    The agency says there are no openings for the positions.

    The job seeker must also meet the requirements for an applicant who has been hired, and be currently employed.

    The department is looking for an experienced individual with an aptitude for technology, communication, technology skills, and general knowledge of Texas law enforcement.

    The department says the hiring process is open to people who have no previous criminal record.

    Texas Department of Justice spokesman Kevin Dornan said the agency has an ongoing investigation into the claims of the employee who is the subject of the lawsuit.

    The investigation is ongoing and no criminal charges have been filed, Dornian said in an email.

    If convicted of a crime, the employee could be fined up to $1,000.

    Dornion said there is no time limit on filing a civil claim.

    The Dallas Morning News first reported on the lawsuit Monday.


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