The online application form for Wal-Marts online store in your local area is now live, and you can access it by going to and entering your city and state.

    (A “locale” is defined as a geographic area that is not a state.)

    But before you can check, you’ll need to check that your local store is accessible through an online portal like, which is a service that allows customers to purchase items from the store, without having to visit a physical location.

    To do that, go to and type in the store’s name, address, phone number, and email address.

    The store will display information about your local location, including your store’s hours of operation, and will let you know how many people are in your store.

    Once you have access to the online application (you’ll need your password to access it), you’ll be able to view the information and make a purchase, without needing to walk or use a physical store.

    What’s the catch?

    If your local online store isn’t online, you won’t be able do any of the following: Check on or receive a product or service through the online store.

    Order a product on the store-to-store basis.

    Pay online at the store.

    Use the store as a cash or credit card transaction.

    Check for a refund, credit, or exchange.

    Get a discount or rebate on a product.

    Purchase gift cards or merchandise.

    Pay by credit card, debit card, or check.

    Pay for merchandise with gift cards, or by cash or check from a credit card.

    Use any of those services if your location isn’t in the local store’s area of operation.

    If you’re a local Walmarts customer, the process of logging into the online portal will only take about five minutes.

    You’ll be prompted to log in, and then you’ll see a list of products that you can purchase online, along with an overview of the products’ availability.

    To check if the online shopping experience is available, go back to, and click the “online application” link.

    Once logged in, click the link for your local walmart, and enter the store name, the store phone number (if you have one), and an email address and password to verify your information.

    If the store is available in your location, you should see a confirmation page for your online application.

    If not, you can still complete the process by entering the store password, and logging in with your local login information.

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