Polygon is now officially Polygon.

    I am proud to announce the site is coming back to the USA, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

    I think it’s the best move for Polygon to date.

    We’ve been focusing on a few key areas, and we’re proud to offer our readers a new, fun, and more immersive newsroom experience.

    But more importantly, we want to continue to invest in our team, and as a result, we’ll be offering new, more exclusive content as we build out our new home in New York City.

    To kick off this process, we’ve made some exciting changes to the look of Polygon’s website, with a more modern and more modern design.

    We’ll share more details on these changes in the coming weeks.

    Stay tuned.

    We have a new homepage and a new app to help you find the content you love.

    It’s Polygon!

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