NEW JERSEY — The New Jersey state Board of Election on Thursday approved new voter identification laws, including new requirements for new identification cards issued to voters.

    State officials said the laws will increase the burden on New Jersey’s roughly 30 million voters, who can’t vote unless they have a state-issued photo ID card.

    State law allows voters to get a new ID card for free or at a reduced cost for a $25 application fee.

    The new voter cards will be issued by the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles, which has been under pressure from voting rights groups.

    The Associated Press and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research analyzed the law’s impact in two ways.

    First, the new ID laws were not retroactive.

    The law did not take effect until March 31.

    The Associated News has been tracking the number of new IDs in use in New Jersey since that date.

    Second, the state only allowed voters to apply for a new voter card by February 16, but some states allow applications to be submitted before that date for up to 60 days.

    New Jersey does not currently require voters to show proof of residency to vote, but the new laws could increase the number who can vote by requiring proof of residence.

    New York Gov.

    Andrew Cuomo (D) said he opposed the voter ID law because it will force people who don’t have a photo ID to “buy a card” from the state.