You can apply to become an Australian citizenships holder, a “citizenship holder” in the Australian passport, but you can only do so once.

    You can also apply for citizenship if you are an Australian born in another country, if you’ve been here for less than 12 months, or if you’re an Australian person who’s married to someone in another nation, like a spouse.

    If you’ve had your citizenship issued by another country you need to be granted an Australian citizenship card or document.

    The card or card document can be your birth certificate, passport or a travel document, but in the event of your death you’ll be given a personalised card.

    If there’s a marriage or civil partnership, you need a marriage certificate.

    If your parents were born overseas, you must have your mother’s Australian birth certificate.

    You don’t need to apply for a new passport if you have lived in Australia for more than five years.

    You must apply for the right to be called an Australian and get a passport if: You’ve been in Australia as a permanent resident for five years or more and you are still alive when you get your Australian citizenship


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