article The Apple iPhone 4S with a fingerprint sensor was one of the most popular smartphones of 2014.

    The 5S was even a contender in the market with the fingerprint scanner.

    But now, Apple has introduced a fingerprint reader for the iPhone 5s with an embedded fingerprint sensor.

    This is a new feature that will only be available in the next versions of the iPhone. 

    What is a fingerprint scanner?

    A fingerprint scanner uses a sensor to read a user’s fingerprint and store the information in the memory of the phone.

    The device then uses that information to unlock the device.

    This process is called a biometric reader. 

    In an iPhone, a fingerprint is a small, thin strip of color and/or white that is pressed into the skin. 

    When you unlock the iPhone, the scanner reads your fingerprint and uses it to unlock your device.

    A fingerprint sensor is used in the Apple iPhone 3GS, 4, and 5. 

    Apple said the new fingerprint scanner would work on the iPhone and iPad. 

    The fingerprint sensor in the iPhone is a sensor located inside the fingerprint reader.

    The scanner reads the fingerprint on the user’s finger and stores the fingerprint data in a memory.

    The memory stores the information so that it can be accessed and used later on by the iPhone or iPad.

    In addition, Apple said that if a person is using an iPhone with the iPhone fingerprint sensor enabled, they would be able to unlock it.

    The fingerprint sensor will work in a similar way as a fingerprint scan, with the device simply looking at the sensor.

    The user would then use the scanner to unlock their device. 

    For an example of a fingerprint on an iPhone 5, click here.

    The fingerprint scanner works on the fingerprint sensor only.

    The biometric scanner works in all other areas of the fingerprint recognition on the phone, including the lock screen, home button, and the camera.

    Apple said that users who are able to purchase the new iPhone 5 with the embedded fingerprint scanner will have to be careful not to get a wrong one. 

    It is important to note that you can still use the iPhone with an iPhone without the fingerprint scanners.

    However, this is a security feature only available in a select few models of the Apple phone.


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