We are here to share some of the top 20 nations where you can work, study, earn a living and build a career.

    You might be a doctor, nurse or social worker, but the job prospects aren’t as bright as you think.

    This is why the BBC World Service has put together a list of the countries with the most doctors and registered nurses.

    It’s a guide to the most popular jobs and the highest pay.

    We are talking about the top-paid doctors and the top 10 countries with most nurses.

    You can find out more here.

    What do the world’s best doctors and hospitals earn?

    You can work as a GP or general practitioner, or as a hospital administrator, social worker or social care worker.

    These jobs are based on the same basic skills that make up the doctor’s or nurse’s job – but in other ways they can offer better pay, as well as being safer.

    You don’t have to be a member of the Royal College of GPs or Royal College Hospital to be considered a GP, and many of the best practices have a number of training courses, so you can pick up some skills.

    But for those who do want to become a GP – and for those with a desire to improve their skills and make a career – you need to have the right qualifications.

    Doctors earn a median salary of $1,300 (£1,050) per month, but some earn more than that.

    They can also work as social workers, social workers with specialised skills, or a combination of the two.

    To get an idea of how much you could earn, here are some key points to remember: *The UK is the richest country in the world, with the second-highest median income per head.

    It also has the highest rate of hospital admissions per head, at 6.4.

    *Median wages for doctors in the UK are the highest in the OECD and among the highest globally.

    The UK has a higher proportion of doctors in general practice (15%) than any other OECD country.

    *The average salary of a GP in the US is $1.3m (£835,000) per year.

    *In the UK, the average salary for a nurse is $865 (£470,000), or $6,750 a week.

    Doctors are more likely to work in the north of England than the south, where they are concentrated in the south-west of the country.

    The average salary is $2,100 (£1.7) per hour in the Midlands and $1-1.5 per hour elsewhere.

    Nurses are more commonly employed in the South-West of England, where there are more vacancies than in the rest of the UK.

    The median salary for nurses in the United States is $4,800 (£3,000).

    *There are a few regions of the world that have more doctors than nurses, including Asia, Africa and South America.

    But the average salaries of doctors and nurse in these regions are lower than in many other countries.

    Doctors in the Americas are also among the lowest paid in the developed world.

    The typical nurse earns around $1 per hour.

    Nursers are also more likely than doctors to work at hospitals and clinics.

    A typical nurse is also less likely to be employed in care homes, nursing homes and nursing homes.

    Doctors tend to work long hours, often for long periods of time, so if you’re keen to get a career in healthcare, you’ll want to take the time to find out what your best options are.

    But if you want to make sure you’re well paid and safe, we’ve compiled a list with the top five most popular job opportunities for doctors, nurses and social workers.

    The top 20 Countries with the Highest Pay for Doctors and Nurses Top 20 Countries for Doctors &Nurses in the World 2018-19: Countries Top 20 Rank Countries Rank 1 Australia $1 billion 2 USA $3.3 trillion 3 India $5.5 trillion 4 United Kingdom $6.7 trillion 5 Canada $9.5trillion Source: World Bank 2 Australia 1,000,000 3 United Kingdom 7,000 million 4 India 8,500 million 5 India 1,500,000 6 Canada 3,000million 7 India 1 million,000 8 USA 3,100million 9 France 1,400million 10 Belgium 5,600million 11 Canada 1,100 million 12 United Kingdom 1,600 million 13 India 1.9 million,00 million 14 Italy 3,700million 15 Sweden 3,300million 16 Italy 2,800 million 17 Japan 2,500million 18 Denmark 2,300 million 19 Sweden 2,200 million 20 Germany 2,000m 10.8million Source: OECD 2 Australia 6,000 billion 3 United States 5,500 billion 4 Australia 4,600 billion 5 India 3,600billion 6 Canada 2,600bn 7 United Kingdom 2,100bn 8 Sweden 2.9bn 9 United Kingdom