The postal strikes have been going on for months, and a postal union leader is urging Americans to stay away from their mail and to just “take care of your mail.”

    In a video posted on YouTube on Monday, David D’Amato, president of the United Postal Workers of America (UWPA), said it is “not a good time” for Americans to use their mail.

    D’Amatos told his members to get out of the mailroom and not use it.

    The strike began on June 13 and is being fought by USPS employees in more than 60 cities across the United States.

    The strikes have resulted in the shutdown of thousands of USPS employees, as well as a number of major retailers, including Walmart, Target and Kohls.

    The postal workers say that because the Postal Service is not able to collect the fees required to operate the mail service, it is not providing customers with the service they paid for.

    Daryush Valizadeh, who heads the postal union, said in a video that if Americans do not get their mail, they will not be able to use it, as it will be a loss for the economy.

    Dish Network and other retailers are taking the strikes as a blow to the US economy, saying that the strikes will have a “negative impact on their business and consumers.”

    Dish Networks spokesman Brad Wiedenbach told CNNMoney that the strike is a “massive blow” to the business of its customer base.

    Darian Levy, a senior policy analyst with the Institute for Policy Studies, told CNN that USPS workers were “taking it personally.”

    “They’re really frustrated, and they’re not letting the other side get away with it,” Levy said.


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