Updated May 22, 2018 12:12:12 The IDL application, Google’s answer to Apple’s iWork, is now being used to help Google’s search team solve the world’s most important problems.

    The app is designed to help search engines improve the quality of the queries they generate by using machine learning to build an artificial intelligence pipeline that uses the world of real-world data to build better suggestions, according to a company blog post.

    The company is working with Google on a project called “World Wide Search,” a project that is being overseen by a team of experts at Google.

    The work focuses on how to make Google’s data more relevant, accurate, and useful, the blog post said.

    For example, the company is looking to develop an AI pipeline to determine whether a keyword is an anchor phrase that needs to be used in an article.

    The pipeline will help search teams improve the accuracy and effectiveness of queries in real-time.

    The pipeline will also be used to improve recommendations, according the blog, adding that the pipeline will be able to help the search team “understand how best to optimize its content for the search engine and the users who rely on it.”

    The team is also looking at ways to make the AI pipeline more scalable.

    They are working on a solution that will allow search engines to scale the pipeline by sharing the results with their partner companies.

    The data will then be analyzed and improved by the pipeline and search engines can then combine these results to help better optimize queries.

    The company is currently developing the pipeline for Google’s Web Search engine and has plans to expand the pipeline to include Google Search Appliance, Google Search Analytics, Google Analytics Engine, Google Map, and Google Maps Engine.